Important Upcoming Events

>  Teens to Camp Joy
     June 24 - July 1

>  Sunday, June 25
     Evangelist Ben Haupt

>  July 12-14 
     Teen Outreach
     6:30 PM - 9 PM

>  July 24-28
    Vacation Bible School
    "African Safari"
    9:30 Am ~ noon

>  Sunday, July 30
     Mike Brown
     Chalk Artist


Wednesday ~ Friday
6:30 - 9 PM (Registration begins at 6 PM)

Big Ball Volleyball
(using a 4 foot ball)
Big Ball Basketball
(not 5 on 5, but more like 40 on 40 or 50 on 50 all on the same court at the same time)
Spoke Tackle
(Nicknamed "America's Roughest Race")
Tug of War
(over a knee-deep mud pit)

We praise the Lord that we were able to burn the mortgage to our building on October 2, 2016.  The Lord allowed this great event to take place less than 15 years after moving to our new location.  Many people gave sacrificially to see this take place.  The Lord laid specifically upon the heart of Jane Schaeffer to leave a large portion of her estate to the church.  We praise the Lord for her willingness and pray that her generosity would continue to bring glory to God.

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Thank you for visiting our website.  As Pastor, I want to take this opportunity to personally invite you to our church.  I believe you will receive a friendly welcome from our people who are always excited to see new faces in our services.  In 2013, our church celebrated its 40th anniversary, and we are grateful that God has allowed our church to be in the Lehigh Valley to meet the spiritual needs of people from all walks of life by faithfully proclaiming the love of God for mankind.  As you browse our website, we trust you will find the information you need to make an informed decision regarding a church home for you and your family.  Thanks again for taking a look at Valleyview.





2870 Pheasant Drive (Route 248)

Northampton, PA  18067


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