MountainView Assisted Living

    We have been enjoying the ministry at MountainView for over 15 years, and many in our church have participated in order to make it a ministry that honors God, and lifts up Christ, in order to draw all men unto Him for salvation. 

     This unique ministry that we have is a real God send.  The residents are always excited to have us there each month.  We give the residents exciting biblical truths, individual testimonies, as well as Christ-centered music.

Prison Ministry at Northampton County Ladies' Prison

     The Northampton County Ladies' weekly Bible study  started in January 2000.  It was an offshoot of the VBC Sunday church services.  There was a need for more frequent contact with the ladies and a request was made for a weekly time to do a Bible study.  Permission was granted and we are able to go on Wednesdays from 1 to 4 pm.  There is a separate Bible study with 2 groups each week - minimum and medium security units.

    It is estimated that over 1,100 women have been ministered to and approximately 1,000 Bibles have been given over the years.  We praise the Lord for decisions that have been made and for certificates many ladies have received upon completing their Bible study.